In Grazie (Mantova, Italy) you are already able to breath the streetpating atmosphere of the coming soon festival. On 14-15th August the small village of Grazie is going to host the most important Italian streetpaiting festival, which is the world oldest one, in its 39th anniversary.

I just can imagine the excitement of all the streetpainters that are going to participate.

Grazie is a melting pot of experiences, I really belive in the value of the unique experience of meeting many artists coming from all over the world sharing their knowledges, comparing their techniques, understanding different ponts of view.

The Grazie festival represents the climax of a series of streetpainting events that interested European streepainters.

Before the warm Italian summer, there were other beautiful streetpainting festivals around our continent, it really was a streetpainting European spring.

Actually one of the most interesting was in Grazie. On the 1st May it was the first time that eight artists, belonging to the Grazie festival, worked together on a large piece in the Grazie square not bacause of the big August contest. It was the 20th anniversary of the visit of Pope Karol Wojtyla at Grazie and tha municipality of Curtatone called seven selected artists to make a special tribute all together. The art director was the famous Maestro Madonnaro Mariano Bottoli, that produced an incredible sketch that perfectly combined catholic message, rich in symbols and references to Pope Karol Wojtyla life,  and 3d perspective, reminding to the Renaissance taste. The other artists involved in the project were the folk Straccetto (Toto de Angelis), Saito Tomoteru, Claudio Sgobino, Michela Bogoni, Federico Pillan, Simona Lanfredi and me (Valentina Sforzini).

It was something really special and unique.

Now everybody is looking forward to participate to the next edition of the Grazie festival. Just one week to another memorable experience!

Valentina Sforzini



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